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The basics

You may be thinking, "I'm not a project manager, why do I need this course?" Maybe you've had negative or frustrating experiences with project managers in the past. We get it. We've been there too. Through the lessons included in this course we hope you'll see the value of project management and how it can improve your team's performance when implemented correctly.

This course will introduce you to the fundamentals of leading successful projects that you can build upon in later My Way Forth courses.


What is Project Management?

So what is project management? Is it really necessary? How can it help me and my team? Start with this lesson to learn more.


Project Planning basics

Intentional project planning is critical to starting any successful project. This course walks you through six steps for starting and planning a project, covering key terms and concepts set your projects up for success.


Communication Basics for Project Success

Strong communication is essential for project success. This course covers communication basics that will help you understand who your audience is, what they need to know, and examples of communication channels and practices you can establish now to build trust and confidence among your project teams and “clients.


Project Management Tools

Coming soon! Project management tools, like Asana and, help keep projects on track by keeping you and your project team informed. This lesson reviews the capabilities of some popular project management tools and discusses best practices for setting up and using these tools efficiently and effectively.


Leading When You're Not in Charge

Coming soon! Rarely when you’re managing projects are you the one who’s in charge. In this lesson you’ll learn practical ways to “lead up” effectively so you can get the backing you need to meet the project’s goals and outcomes.


Planning & Leading Effective Meetings

Coming soon! Meetings get a bad rap because many are poorly planned and run. In this lesson you’ll learn the basics of planning and leading meetings, including setting meeting goals, creating an agenda, taking good notes, and more.


Writing Emails That
Get Results

Coming soon! There’s an art to writing emails that get read and responded to. This lesson covers basic concepts and examples of email writing that will help you communicate more effectively and get the results you desire.

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