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Contract Project manager
Posted May 19, 2022

About Way Forth Collective

Way Forth Collective knows nonprofits have big dreams to do good in the world. We use our decades of project management expertise working with faith-based organizations to collaboratively design plans, build processes and coordinate teams to make sure they don’t get stuck or feel overwhelmed making those dreams a reality.

Project Manager Description: 

The Project Manager at Way Forth Collective plays a pivotal role in driving projects and products forward for faith-based nonprofits. This individual possesses an attention to detail, and is responsible for overseeing and tracking the multitude of tasks that need to be executed on a daily basis by members of various teams. This requires exceptional organizational skills, be an outstanding communicator, thrive in the creation and refinement of processes, and exhibit strong collaboration abilities. If you are not adept at working with people, this role may not be the right fit for you. 

Additionally, this position actively contributes to the discovery and scoping phases with new clients, aiding Way Forth in establishing a solid foundation for successful project execution.

Way Forth Project Managers are proactive leaders, responsible for planning meetings, creating agendas, and managing tasks efficiently using PM tools. The ideal candidate for this role is well-versed in project, program, and product management. 


Skills and Competencies: 

The following qualifications are essential for success in this role:

  • Project management experience: A minimum of 5 years in project management, including experience in remote team settings.

  • Product management experience: Proficiency in product management principles and practices.

  • Proactive and clear communication: Ability to communicate effectively and proactively, ensuring all stakeholders are well-informed.

  • Exceptional writing skills: Proficiency in written communication, delivering concise and articulate content.

  • Coordination and collaboration: Strong ability to coordinate and collaborate with multiple groups of people across different organizations, all working toward a common goal.

  • Proficiency in PM and communication tools: Experience using a wide range of project management and communication tools. Familiarity with is a plus.

  • Technical experience: Comfort working with technical teams and projects is a plus.

  • Flexibility and adaptability: Adaptability to cater to the unique requirements of each client, showcasing versatility and a desire for variety.

  • Core competencies:

    • Self-motivated and proactive in taking initiative

    • Experience working remotely with individuals spanning various time zones

    • Detail-oriented with an unwavering focus on precision

    • A constant learner who embraces the opportunity to work in unfamiliar industries with new clients

    • Innovative problem solver who consistently seeks ways to enhance processes

    • Willingness to ask questions when in doubt

    • A positive and enjoyable team player

Hours and compensation

This is an hourly 1099 contract position with a weekly workload ranging from 10 to 20 hours, depending on the contracts we have at that time. The compensation is $55 per hour.

Occasional travel may be requested for client engagements and team development.


Core values
  • Trust

    • We build and maintain trust in our own team and with our clients through transparency, honesty, and accountability.

  • Collaboration

    • We work with our clients to define and achieve effective goals and processes that fit their unique needs. 

  • Proactivity

    • We respect the people we work with, and we think about how we can make their job a little easier by anticipating needs and taking action.

  • Adaptability

    • We plan strategically and adapt dynamically with flexibility, creativity, and grace.

  • Hard Work

    • We always bring our best to deliver our best.

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