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Amanda Crono

Project Manager

Amanda is a dynamic and enthusiastic Project Management Professional (PMP®) with excellent interpersonal skills among diverse team members and constituents. She has 14 years of international experience in an array of industries including Event Management, Agricultural Marketing and Exporting, non-profits, Christian organizations, translation and publishing, and digital product management with a specialization in Agile methodologies and SCRUM.

Amanda is recognized for her high standard of excellence which is accomplished through skillful prioritization and organization. Her colleagues and clients will also tell you she possesses a high degree of Emotional Intelligence allowing her to navigate difficult relationships and that she thrives as a leader in a team environment.

In April 2021, Amanda joined Way Forth Collective to service primarily as a Senior Technical Product Manager for an online learning platform designed to train individuals on Bible Translation around the world. Providing leadership on digital strategy, agile methodologies, and cross-team collaboration.

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Amanda Crono
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