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Jennifer Hamel

Jenn has always loved making ideas and dreams a reality. She stumbled into the world of project management while working at government contracting firm in Bethesda, Maryland, in the mid 1990s. Once she realized she could make a living at helping people get stuff done, she has since worked and led teams in the areas of project management, product management, and project strategy for software development, research, and business operations teams in both the for-profit and non-profit industries.

In 2018 Jenn took a leap of faith to start a company with other missional PMs who could help companies doing good in the world work more effectively together and accomplish their BHAGs. Most recently, she has helped run multi-organizational, large-scale projects such as the Digital Training Library and the forthcoming Barna research study on the Open Generation.

Jenn and the Way Forth Team have since created unique, impactful, and efficient ways to help teams work together on huge goals while keeping the broader community walking in lockstep together. She also loves coaching other PMs (and those interested in the industry) because she loves the "art" of the discipline.

For Jenn, project management isn't about a set of tools; it's the art of communicating, coordinating, collaborating, and bringing each person's skills and voice to the table at just the right time to accomplish a goal that no single person (or organization) could do on their own. And that just simply rocks her world.

Jennifer Hamel

Way Forth Collective

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