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Our Work

We specialize in special projects. The ones that overtax your already thinly-spread team. As your trusted project partner, we’ll make sure your high-profile, high-impact projects are delivered on time and on budget with less drama.


We can help you by planning and running your high-stakes project or event, or we can equip your team through expert team training or one-on-one coaching.

Learn more about how we help nonprofits reach their goals through these client stories.

01. Complex project management 

ETEN Innovation Lab & Way Forth: Accelerating Bible Translation Through Expert Project Delivery

Discover how Project Catapult, a pioneering Bible translation initiative, went from vision to reality with Way Forth Collective’s expert project management and strategic guidance. This innovative project is making strides in eradicating Bible poverty around the world.

03. Event management 

Biblica & Way Forth: Exceeding Fundraising Goals Through White Glove Event Management

Discover how Way Forth's approach to event management turned Biblica's first-ever major donor weekend into an unprecedented success. Read the full story to learn how meticulous planning, expert management, and seamless execution helped raise millions of dollars and foster a community of hope.

02. Complex project management 

Barna & Way Forth: Equipping Church & Ministry Leaders Around the World

With Way Forth's support in overcoming logistical challenges, Barna’s landmark study,The Open Generation, delivered groundbreaking insights into global teens' perspectives on faith. Learn how expert project management ensured the success of this ambitious initiative, equipping church leaders worldwide with valuable research.

04. Complex project management 

illumiNations 12 Verse Challenge: Exceeding Fundraising Goals to Translate Scripture 

Discover how Way Forth's strategic project management turned a complex vision into a thriving reality, uniting stakeholders and overcoming barriers to launch a transformative initiative. With Way Forth's support, the 12-Verse Challenge exceeded fundraising goals, raising over $10 million for Bible translation!

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