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ETEN Innovation Lab's Project Catapult

ETEN Innovation Lab & Way Forth: Accelerating Bible Translation Through Expert Project Delivery

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"I couldn’t do what I do without Way Forth Collective. They add much more value than just facilitating projects. Their strategic thinking, proactivity, and leadership keeps the project moving forward ... they are conversation partners I can trust.”


Project Catapult is a joint venture between the ETEN Innovation Lab and a group of partner ministries. This project focuses on initiating Bible translation projects in languages that have no prior work or language data. Its objective is to launch 20 ETEN All Access Goal projects, combining traditional translation wisdom with innovative technological approaches.


Before teaming up with Way Forth Collective, Project Catapult had a well-defined strategic vision, but needed help making it an operational reality.


Due to the project’s wide scope and highly collaborative nature, driving it forward requires:

  • strategic planning rooted in project management expertise, 

  • galvanizing leadership to direct collaboration,

  • reliable management of the day-to-day tasks, and

  • enhanced project efficiency through the establishment of standardized operating procedures and creation of intentional spaces for collaborative knowledge exchange.


Koos Fouche, who leads the Assisted Translation Technology group at the Innovation Lab, recognized the need for help. He wanted a catalytic partner who could not only manage projects well but also serve as trusted thought partners. He needed a balance of day-to-day task oversight and big picture planning—something that would be difficult to find in an individual project manager.


Way Forth Collective was the perfect fit. They had worked with Koos in the past and he knew their team approach was just what Project Catapult needed to succeed. They possessed deep industry knowledge, were well-acquainted with key stakeholders, adept at engaging partners across all levels, and were strong proponents of innovation.


In addition to project management expertise, they provided strategic guidance and collaborative teamwork. This gave Koos the support he needed to drive the project forward confidently.


Since partnering with Way Forth, Project Catapult has made great progress. They’re hitting their goals each month and have a solid, strategic plan for the future. With Way Forth handling the details, Koos can focus on bigger plans, knowing the project will be delivered successfully.


Ultimately, Project Catapult will bring the Bible to people who have never had it in their own language, making significant strides in eradicating Bible poverty for future generations

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