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illumiNations 12 Verse Challenge

Exceeding Fundraising Goals to Translate Scripture 


In 2021, Biblica, a global Bible ministry, initiated a project in partnership with illumiNations to launch the 12-Verse Challenge (12VC). The 12VC campaign, hosted by illumiNations, invites individuals, churches, and families to commit to donating $35 a month to translate 12 verses of Scripture annually until the work is done, with 100% of funds supporting Bible translation work.


12VC was a unique, high-profile project, requiring substantial coordination and infrastructure development. Biblica faced several key challenges:


  • Building a new online giving platform and live tracker for the initiative.

  • Coordinating multiple vendors and stakeholders.

  • Addressing unforeseen challenges due to the new and high-stakes nature of the project.

  • Establishing effective communication channels and workflows.

  • Ensuring timely delivery of all components.


Biblica lacked the internal support and structure to execute their vision for 12VC. Although they engaged multiple vendors to develop the project's strategy, branding, and IT infrastructure, they needed a project management expert to align all the moving parts. 12VC was a high-profile project with many stakeholders, vendors, and interested parties; a smooth and successful launch was critical.


Biblica’s CEO recommended hiring Way Forth based on previous work with them and their proven experience in nonprofit advancement. Way Forth's approach provided the following:


  • Team Alignment: Ensuring everyone was on the same page, moving toward project delivery at the same pace.

  • Task Management: Coordinating activities, managing details, and maintaining focus.

  • Decision Support: Facilitating the team’s ability to make key decisions in a dynamic environment.

  • Infrastructure Development: Building a hub and customer support center to provide tech support and establishing a clear communication structure.

  • Project Planning and Execution: Planning thorough agendas and running meetings efficiently to maximize time and resources.


12VC was successfully launched during IF:Gathering 2021 and exceeded all expectations, receiving pledges totaling well over the $1 million goal and laying the foundation for continued success. Since its inception, 12VC has raised over $10 million towards Bible translation efforts and continues to grow.

Three years later, the 12VC initiative is still thriving, contributing to Bible translation projects for language groups around the world. Way Forth's support allowed Biblica to build a solid foundation and provided a clear structure for managing complex projects and coordinating multiple stakeholders.

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