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Phanith Yaletchko

Project Manager

Phanith joined Way Forth Collective in July 2023 as Project Manager. She loves to help organizations achieve big dreams by establishing a clear vision, implementing strategic plans, and maintaining effective communication. Over the last 15 years, her passion for seeing communities thrive has led her to serve in various capacities within the nonprofit, business, and public sectors.

Phanith has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Women's Studies and a minor in Anthropology from the University of California, Irvine. She went on to receive a Master of Arts degree in Intercultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary. 

Some of Phanith's top priorities are efficiency, cross-functional team collaboration, and a people-first approach to business. She specializes in managing and developing projects, programs, and events, and has a deep appreciation for diversity and working in cross-cultural contexts, which led her to work overseas for a time. Also, Phanith is a global communications professional whose on-camera, editorial, print, voiceover, linguistics, and social media work has been published on behalf of local churches, large nonprofit organizations, multi-million dollar businesses, and government entities. Her goal is to be a catalyst for faith-based organizations to multiply their positive impact on the world. 

Phanith resides in the suburbs of Houston, TX with her family. When not contributing to Way Forth Collective, Phanith is making music and sipping on boba milk tea. She is married to Paul (a tech guru and fellow musician); together, they have two lovely daughters, Faith and Anya.

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Phanith Yaletchko
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