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Discover + Define Package 

New projects, audacious goals, and lofty dreams can leave teams asking: "Where do we even start?"


Through an initial intake meeting and subsequent targeted listening exercises, our team takes the time to learn your culture, goals and current hurdles. Then we map out exactly what it will take to make your nonprofit’s goal a reality. Finally, we deliver your team an assessment of the current status toward reaching your goal and a roadmap to project success. This includes gaps to address, prioritized recommendations, and a high-level project timeline. 


The Discover + Define package provides a roadmap to success for individual projects, events, or team/organizational process and design.


Fixed rate package ranges from $2,500 - $3,500 depending on team size and complexity. 



Ready to explore how our Discover + Define process can help you reach your next big goal?

Project Leadership Contracting

Sometimes the most exciting dreams to do good in the world also feel like overwhelming and unreachable goals. But it doesn’t have to be that way.


When we serve your team through project leadership, we’ll deploy customized project management, strategy and support that equips your team to reach your big goal – whether that’s a project, event, product or program. Along the way, we’ll hold tightly to our core values of collaboration, hard work, adaptability, trust, and proactivity.


The end result? Your nonprofit team is empowered and energized to fulfill your beautiful, big mission to change the world.


We offer pricing options for retainers and customizable contracts based on the project needs. 


Would you like to explore how a Way Forth project leadership can empower you to achieve your next big goal (with less stress along the way!)?

Coaching + Mentorship

Successful people and successful organizations do consistently what others only do occasionally.


Through guidance and coaching on project management principles, we help teams grow their capacity to achieve their organizations’ big goals. We center our coaching within the context of the team and focus on the importance of the systems and processes that promote communication, efficiency, and transparency. 


We offer pricing options for retainers and customizable contracts based on your unique needs.

Interested in discussing individual mentoring opportunities?

Discover + Define
Project Leadership
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