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Gordon Wu

Ops Manager / Project Coordinator

Gordon loves making goals an operational reality. He enjoys developing strategic plans to help leaders and companies reach their full potential. He has worked in many industries including faith-based ministry, non-profits, start-ups, and international organizations. Implementing technology has been a constant throughout his career. He is also experienced in finance, operations, event logistics, and event programming. His desire is to live fully as an enneagram 5 (the investigator), and to constantly learn.

Gordon's favorite stage in project management is discovery. In it, he leads people working in different job functions through the details to help them understand the bigger picture. Although he embraces himself an “IT guy,” his priority has always been to marry technology to business goals. He believes IT should be run with customer service as its top priority, and that IT is the webbing that holds all the business functions together and moving in a forward direction.

Gordon is married to Yvonne, who is a tech guru/business leader in her own right. They have four children. Together, when they’re not catering to the needs of their kids (and teaching them to be loving, humble and responsible people), they love going on vacations with a heavy leaning towards all things Disney.

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Gordon Wu
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